_by [Chuck Houpt] (<>)_

**Easily add Markdown README/HEADERs to Apache directory indexes, rendered by [Strapdown.js]**

This page is itself an example of Autoindex-Strapdown -- just an augmented Apache
web directory listing. You are currently reading the []( file, which is
rendered above the directory index.

See the [Read-Me](#readme) below for one-step Quick-Start and more.

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Autoindex-Strapdown Read-Me

<a id=readme></a>
[Autoindex-Strapdown] enhances Apache's [mod_autoindex] directory listings with
[Markdown] README and HEADER files rendered by [Strapdown.js]. Setup GitHub-like
directory documentation with just Apache!

#### Screenshot Before and After

![Before and After Autoindex-Strapdown](pic/before-after.png "Before: ugly, pixilated, cramped, boring.
After: sleek, vectorized, spacious, lickable.")

### Quick Start

**Simply copy the following into a directory's .htaccess file -- That's All!**
<br>Then add a or files and enjoy.

# Apache Autoindex Directives
Options +Indexes
IndexOptions FancyIndexing HTMLTable SuppressRules
IndexOptions IconsAreLinks ScanHTMLTitles NameWidth=* DescriptionWidth=*

# Autoindex-Strapdown Directives
AddType text/plain .md

# Customize by setting theme and title
IndexHeadInsert "<script>conf = {theme: 'bootstrap', title: ''};</script> \
<script src=''></script> \
<link rel='stylesheet' href=''>"

# Icons using Bootstrap's Glyphicon set
AddIcon ..
AddIconByType (TXT, text/*
AddIconByType (IMG, image/*
AddIconByType (SND, audio/*
AddIconByType (VID, video/*

Customize by setting the `theme` or `title` configuration parameter on the first line of
the `IndexHeadInsert` directive. For example:

`IndexHeadInsert "<script>conf = {theme: 'cyborg', title: 'My Robot Pics'};</script> \`

See the list of [themes available from Strapdown.js][Strapdown.js].

### Self-Hosting

For simplicity, the example above is hosted at ``. To install on your
own host, download or git-clone Autoindex-Strapdown, and adjust the htaccess directives
to point at local URLs for the Javascript, CSS and icons. Add the extra conf option
`strapdown` to self-host Strapdown. I.e.:

`conf = {theme: 'bootstrap', title: '', strapdown: '/sd/strapdown.js'}`

For a concrete example, see the [htaccess-selfhost](htaccess-selfhost) file which expects
Autoindex-Strapdown to be installed on the host at the URL `/autoindex_strapdown/`.

### Background

Since time immemorial, the Apache web server has had the ability to serve up directory
listings (indexes), optionally augmented with text or HTML read-me and header files.
GitHub partially emulates Apache's auto-indexes with READMEs, but enhances it by adding
Markdown formatting -- the prefect compromise between plain text and HTML.

In a sense, Autoindex-Strapdown is an attempt to backport GitHub's enhanced emulation of
Apache mod_autoindex back to Apache.